LS-55C Carbon Fiber Light Stand (79in max height)


Light, Compact and Strong

The LS-55C carbon fiber light stand weighs only 19 oz. (545 grams)!  The LS-55C collapses to only 19 inches long (48.5cm), making it short enough to fit in carry-on luggage and most gear bags. Although light and compact when collapsed, the stand reaches a total height of 78.7 inches (200cm) when extended.

The LS-65C extends further than the LS-55C which collapses to a smaller size if collapsed size is more of a priority than maximum height.

Nissin Super Light Stand Comparison: LS-55C vs LS-65C

Nissin LS-55C
Nissin LS-65C
Sections 5 5
Materials Carbon-fiber Carbon-fiber
Central Pole Lock Twist
Bottom Lower Legs Reverse folding (3 legs) Reverse folding (3 legs)
Panhead UNC 3/8" screw (with a UNC 1/4" screw adapter)
UNC 3/8" screw (with a UNC 1/4" screw adapter)
Folded Length 19.1 inches/485 mm
23.6 inches/600 mm
Minimum Operating Height
19.1 inches/485 mm

23.6 inches/600 mm

Maximum Operating Height 6.5 feet / 2m 8.85 feet / 2.7m
Safety Payload Weight 3.3 pounds / 1.5kg 6.6 pounds / 3kg
Net Weight 22 ounces / 625g 28.7 ounces /815g
Accessories Nissin strap
Nissin strap


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